January 11

Speed Friending

Have you just arrived in Linköping and are looking forward to making some new friends? ISA, ESN and UPF are coming together to give you an opportunity to showcase your social skills and help you make new friends. Come join us to make your stay more exciting and full of good memories! 🤩

It is a great opportunity to meet other students and get to know each other in an interesting way! Let this be a beginning for new friendships that you will cherish for life. All you need to bring with you is a good mood and you're good to go 😉

January 13

Scavenger Hunt

Are you a new student and having trouble finding your way around? Or just looking to discover some “hidden gems” of your new campus? Well don’t worry, we prepared a fun way of discovering all the well known and maybe not so well known places on Campus Valla! 📍🎓

Join ESN, ISA and UPF on a fun adventure! 🤩

January 16

City Tour

Have you just arrived in Linköping?? Is it tricky to find your way around the streets of Sweden's fifth biggest city??🤔 Take the chance to get to know the new city and make new friends at the same time!

🥳 We in ISA, UPF, and ESN are sure that you want to know about the popular hangout spots, restaurants, bars, shops and much more that Linköping has to offer, so join us in our city tour!! The tour will start in Gamla Linköping, and then we'll continue from there! Don’t miss this opportunity! 😊

January 18


You might think that barbeques is a summer thing to do? Well, remember that you are in Sweden now, here we live by the quote 'There are no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothes.'...❄🧣🧥

So dress up in clothes to keep you warm and join ESN, ISA and UPF for a barbecue at Skåland!

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